New Progger album, “Populace,” available for preorder

Yo! Our new album, “Populace,” is going to be officially released on May 13. If you preorder it now on Bandcamp, you’ll be able to download one of the tracks right away, and you’ll get the others as soon as it’s released. We’ll also have hard copies up for sale on the release date.

We cannot even begin to express how much the support of our fans, friends, and family has contributed to making all this happen. We’re excited about making new music, and when other people get excited about hearing new music, things move forward. The last year has been really beautiful, with a lot of crazy energy all around.

A lot of really cool things came together for this record. Most of the material was seasoned from lots of concerts in Texas, New York, and on the road (with, for example, the Funky Knuckles), but a couple of them were virtually brand-new for the session. Funny enough, those two had been written, or at least mostly written, upwards of five years ago, but the band never played them live. They came together really quickly and really well, and the recording process was remarkably smooth and fun.

Also, last year I had the pleasure of getting to know a brilliant graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal named Emilia Mendes. Emilia has contributed her beautiful work to several recentSnarky Puppy creations as well as the new Funky Knuckles record, “Meta-Musica,” and now she’s graced Progger with her talents. Her work is world-class, and she’s simply lovely to work with. I’m very grateful she became part of the team!

To help get the word out, we smashed together a fun ghetto indie guerrilla promo video featuring the track “Clouding,” which you can find on Youtube. Check it out if you get a chance, and if you want to help us out in a huge way by doing something that takes minimal time and energy, please feel free to “share” or “tweet” it, or whatever the kids are doing these days. It really makes a difference!

We’ll be playing strings of shows in the Northeast and the South over the next few months, so check back for details! Thanks for the love, everyone.